About Us


"We are the very first E-commerce Wholesaler specialized in modern florist supplies.  ................ and FACTORIES are behind us!"

As a former floral designer myself, I always want more varieties of ribbons, wrapping papers, vases and more to contribute to my products and to satisfy my clients!

Floral design is so special , it's the only art create from a living nature.

We're proud to be floral designers. Flowers have magic power to bring happiness to people. Flower industry is part of the fashion world, let's be trendy and inspiring! It actually could be the spirit of human's lifestyles.

Treat Camilia like your freind , talk to Camilia about your business and all your business needs. We will try our best to help. Like what we said " factories are behind us"! If you have any suggestions, please do let us know, it would be very appreciated!

Hope you enjoyed growing together with us.