Pre-Order Update: 

We would like to share an update on our current business situation with you regarding products and shipping delays. Due to Covid-19, starting from 2020 we’ve been experiencing many production delays with our factory overseas as we tried our best to bring products to you on a monthly basis. This year we have been experiencing longer delays with ocean shipping due to the Vancouver Port congestion and lack of vessels being shipped worldwide. With this current issue ocean shipping prices have recently been bumped up 3x more bringing up our cost in all shipping. It is our goal to bring our customers beautiful products with a low cost so the company has been and will continue to cover additional shipping costs to avoid bringing up our product prices until everything gets back to “normal”. 

We have also decided to stop the pre-orders option starting immediately due to the uncertainty of shipping delays. However if you are wanting to still place a pre-order with us and are kindly willing to wait, you’re welcome to send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you, 


- Team Camilia